Creative Business Solutions

Every company wants to communicate their products or services to grow their business. The question is, what is the best way to accomplish this without wasting money?


Many assume the best way to accomplish this goal is to advertise. But in today’s world of thousands of media outlets, billions of websites and countless social media pages, making the wrong decisions concerning how and where you advertise, can be a costly mistake.


Weaver Graphx specializes in positioning your company for growth and success. We strategically and creatively craft your company's communication efforts through a program we call COMPASStm. This program evaluates your company on every level to help create the perception necessary for your company to excel in today's and tomorrow's business environment.


Creating business solutions for your company.

COMPASStm is a multi-step program we have developed to analyze your company's strengths and weaknesses to help determine the best direction that should be taken to grow your business. We start by examining your market. Second, we review your existing position within your market, as well as your competition. Then, we consult with you to determine your goals and aspirations. Once your goals are defined and the desired perception/positioning is determined we then evaluate the various communication solutions that will be needed to put your company firmly within your targeted market.

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